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Bathrooms, Kitchens and Property Refurbishments in Maidstone

Breathing new life into the building using modern materials and the latest technology available always with a focus on environmentally friendly and thermally efficient products and systems where possible and practical. Quite a large proportion of our refurbishments incorporate the conversion of a building or rooms into more desirable and useful spaces.

This increases the usable footprint of a home by maximising the potential of tired, unloved and underused rooms in the house, garage or outbuildings. There is a trend in converting garages into living spaces, and they make great snugs or play rooms and usually do not require large amounts of structural alteration.

The main issues for Building Control are the insulation values which need to comply with modern requirements and this is easily achieved with modern building materials. We have worked in the past to convert other outbuildings into home offices and workrooms, which have combined well with the existing house allowing the home owner to fully immerse themselves in the place of work away from the hubbub of family life.